Jessica helped me early in 2019 with peri-menopausal issues and with a minor gynaecological operation. Feeling supported and understood Jessica became an important contact when helping me with a crisis later this same year requiring a safe place to talk with counselling and guidance. Jessica’s warmth and empathy coupled with carefully considered homeopathic remedies has set me on a path of self discovery allowing me confidence in making positive changes to my life. This gift is appreciated thank you.

N.M. 2019

Thanks once again for your support….and I wanted to add that despite my reservations regarding homeopathic medicine due to their being ‘no evidence’, I can see and feel quite how powerful it can be and I’m glad I’ve taken this route.

M.O 2019

I began seeing Jessica at the point I was diagnosed with breast cancer, earlier this year. I liked the fact that her practice was holistic, yet she was also a doctor. I felt so supported by Jessica – she had the time to carefully listen to me and acknowledge my worries and fears. She gave advice on diet and supplements and prescribed remedies which, I feel, were really helpful and were instrumental in my recovery. I would have no hesitation in consulting with Jessica again, if I need to and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

G.S. 2019

When I first went to see Dr Robinson I had been suffering from a series of seemingly unrelated symptoms, was sleeping poorly, and had lost the optimism that I was used to.

Jessica is a very sympathetic listener, asks astute questions and is very easy to talk to. I was surprised by how much of myself was uncovered in a relatively short time. She gave careful thought to her choice of remedies, and gave good advice about diet and approaches to relaxation.

I am now sleeping much better and my general health is much improved. I have also recovered the spring in my step!

J.P. 2019

“I have no hesitation  in recommending Dr Jessica Robinson. This wonderful lady saw me through a bad few months of depression. She took the time to listen, empathise and comfort, before carefully deciding which remedy was best. Dr Robinson certainly aided my recovery. Please don’t hesitate to seek her assistance and professionalism.” 

F.M.E (East Sussex) 2019

“Dear Jessica

It was good to see you again (more clearly) today. I am very pleased with my progress so far and am looking forward to things improving further. It has cheered me up no end and I feel so much better in myself as well. I am so glad that I found you! Thank you.

Best wishes”

S.S.  2018  (patient with cataracts wanting to avoid surgery)

“Dear Jessica,

You are amaaazing!  This is fairy dust.  I gave my daughter one pellet, an air of maturity came over her face, and she set down and did all her schoolwork in all her subjects.  She hasn’t done that for a week.  I gave her a second pellet and she went to bed on time, lights out, no fuss, no arguments, no prolonged agony.  I guess if this is fairy dust, you must be the fairy godmother.  I’m really impressed with the precision of your prescription based on C’s specific emotional issues.

Thank you!”

D.S. 2018(father of 9 year old child experiencing emotional difficulties.)

“Dear Jessica…
Thank you for listening, for hearing, for understanding ,and for true holistic healing ….” M.S. 2018

Many thanks again for all your help and for giving me my face back” C.T. 2018, (patient who had severe facial eczema).

“You are an angel. You’ve done so much for me. I will never forget you.” S.B. 2017

“You are my best doctor.” F.K. 2017

“I hope you do as good work in the next place as you have done in this. I am very sad that you are not going to be working with [son] in future.” Mr A. 2017

“Bless you. You were our guardian angel. We were lucky to have you.” Mr and Mrs O. 2017

“It has been such a pleasure to meet and work with you! I’m not surprised all of your clients love you! Best of luck down south!” J.W. 2017

“I had never had any dealings with homeopathic treatments prior to dealing with Jessica Robinson. I had [a problem] with my sweat glands which after several years  it was decided  to operate and  remove glands that were blocked. Within days the glands became [infected] due to the stitches snapping and the wound becoming infected so  i was readmited to hospital for a week and was pumped full of antibiotics on a daily basis. This left me in a worse state than i was previously so i ended up checking myself out of the hospital. I got in touch Jessica for a consultation. Jessica explained how homeopathy worked in great detail and prescribed three different types of medication Which started with clearing my system of all the rubbish that had been pumped into my system previously which worked perfectly. The other two types of medication started to work almost immediately with the final touch being an upsurge in energy. The next consultation i had was regarding warts and spots which is something I have suffered from virtually all of my life and within weeks these had been cleared up and i have not suffered from these again.

Finally I would like to thank you for all of your help and assistance regarding these matters something that’s going to make a large contribution to the way i look after my health in future with homeopathy treatment being a major contribution to this.” R.K. 2018


In 2016, I underwent a “360 assessment” of my work by colleagues and patients in the NHS as part of my appraisal and GMC revalidation process. My colleagues and patients filled in questionnaires and were given the opportunity to add comments anonymously at the end. Here are the published comments:

Comments added by rater and staff

Dr Robinson is an outstanding doctor. One of the best I have ever worked with. She has knowledge and skills which she
continues to develop and share with the team. Dr Robinson gives each individual patient care and attention. Her
communcation with both staff and patients is warm and kind, and this is reflected in both staff and patients feeling valued. Dr
Robinson empowers patients and they always give postive feedback. It’s been a pleasure to work with her.”
“Dr Robinson has demonstrated that she is a very reflective, empathic doctor with sound knowledge of psychiatry and a special interest
in the management of physical health problems and side effects of medication. She is very conscientious and careful in her
assessments and documentation. Her engaegment with patients is outstanding and she is a good team player, who is very
aware of the skills and potential limitations of other professionals in the team. Her contributions are always constructive and
solution focussed.”
“From my observations during joint work Dr Robinsons compassion and interest in the health of our service users is well
evidenced. She is very well thought of by our clients one of whom told me this week how he felt comfortable speaking to her.
He volunteered this information.
The MDT who have worked with her have been particularly impressed by the way she engages clients in thinking about their
phsycial health. A colleague, again unsolicited, told me this week that she attributes some recent weight loss to the well
informed guidance she had given him.
Dr Robinson appears to form diagnosis efficiently whilst maintaining an understanding of the need to be comfortable with
diagnostic uncertainty.
Dr Robinson inspires confidence and compassion in the team.
I honestly find it difficult to find any critisisms and would gladly help in this way towards her development but knothing come to

“On the occasions I have worked with Dr Robinson I have always found her to be thourough, empathic and warm to clients,
knowlegiable and open to suggestions from other MDT members.”

“I have always found Jessica knowledgeable, helpful and insightful in all aspects of her work.”

“I have always been able to approach Jessica about any concerns with regards to my patients. She has always been very
helpful and insightful. She is a very grounded and sensible person who will always do her very best to help patients. She will
be a huge asset to any team she works with as well as being an excellent doctor to the patients she will serve.”

“Jessica is a very caring and knowledgeable Doctor. She has good medical expertise. She shows great care towards her
patients and is keen to work in a holistic way that attends to the complex needs of our service users.
She is accessible and values the views of others. She works very hard.”

“Dr Robinson demonstrates a high level of knownledge to her role as I identified in my brief experience of working with her.
This can be seen via conversation with her and by her written notes. I found Dr Robinson to be accurate and considerate to
service users.
Another area of perceived strength is her patience and thoroughness throughout service users’ reviews observed by the
flexible and considerate way she deals with client’s sensitive issues. I am quite sure she will continue as a proficient and well
liked lead clinician.”

“Dr. Robinson has a very open and reassuring manner when interacting with patients,applying the same approach when
working within her MDT – she clearly values the opinion of her colleagues and wider team members while simulataneously
demonstrating a confident lead which colleagues expect and respect in a doctor.
I personally feel grateful to have Dr. Robinson on our already excellent team. She has adapted well to the challenges faced by
the team and wider staff community. She is approachable, empathic and professional – As an HCP I want my clients to get the
best service from our teams and I feel that Dr Robinson brings with her an inherent ability to communicate effectively on a
range of levels. To date I have felt very satisfied and positive that we have covered all important aspects of the clients
presentation – Dr Robinson takes a holistic view of her patients – she is definitely not stuck in the medical model which I

Comments added by patients


“She is a very competent doctor.”

“very attentive listener, was here for discharge but Jessica helped me to assess concerns about my health.”

“She has a calm & measured voice with responses that indicate that she was realy listening.”

“She is a good doctor.”

“I am very satified the treatment which I get from my Dr.”

“Extremely caring, professional, waiting to do the best for the patient. A real human touch. Showed latest research and felt
hope for a cure.”